Jenn is a 15 year old girl. She has long curly brown hair and brown eyes. Her top is pink with a little heart in the middle and purple pants. Her shoes are pink too.


Jenn is a nice person, but sometimes she gets really annoyed and evil. Jess always pisses her and she can't stand that. Jenn tries to hold her grudge, but (thanks to Jess) she can't do it much longer.


Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Mana Magic: Jenn has the ability to control the magical mana and use it to protect/attack targets.

  • Mana Rebound: A pink mana shield is summoned to rebound attacks and to protect the caster.
  • Mana Prison: A pink mana cage is summoned to trap the target in it.

Spell Casting: Jenn can cast spells from the first and second kind.

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